Glove Care

Washing and drying instructions

1) Dry your gloves at room temperature, avoid open flames, heaters, tumble- driers and ovens.

2) Gloves dry best in an upright hanging position not when they are lying on a flat surface.

3) Do not turn lined gloves inside out. The liner, insulation and membrane can be difficult to put back into place.

4) JOB liners dry faster when the liners are removed from your gloves and hung in an upright position. Liners are also easy to wash as described in tip #5.

5) We do not recommend washing leather gloves frequently. If you do wash them, put on the gloves and wash with soap and lukewarm water. Squeeze out the water gently without twisting. Models without several layers or leather can be machine-washed at 100° or less.

6) All fabric (non-leather) JOB styles can be washed by hand or machine as described in tip #5

Glove Care Tips

Hestra JOB gloves are built to last not throw away. With some love and care they will last even longer. Good for you, good for the environment.

1) Use leather balm on leather gloves regularly and they will resist moisture, wear and tear better. Moisten the leather a little first. Use a polishing cloth and rub in the balm until the leather is saturated. Do this in the evening and the balm will be absorbed during the night.

2) If you have gloves with breathable materials like Gore-Tex, Windstopper and our Czone, you should avoid silicone impregnation. It clogs the pores and reduces the material’s breathability.

3) If the gloves become wet, hang them in a suitable place to dry naturally. This will help them retain their shape and extend the life of the materials. Never dry any gloves by placing them directly on a heat source or in a dryer as that will harden and/or destroy the leather and the fabrics.

4) Use a soft or medium bristle (non-wire) brush to clean away caked on mud and debris and if necessary clean any remaining dirt away with a soapy lukewarm water mix followed by a lukewarm water rinse. Dry as described in tip #3.

5) JOB Gloves are not flame proof or fire retardant and are not warranted in any way when exposed to extreme abrasion, open flame or sparks from grinding and welding.