About Us

We Work With Our Hands

In the spring of 1936 our grandfather Martin Magnusson began to manufacture gloves for Sweden's lumberjack industry to protect the lumberjacks whose hands were often exposed to the harsh Swedish winter condition. Magnusson found that cowhide and goatskin leathers provided the best durability, and woll on the backhand provided the greatest warmth and insulation.

Today our technical abilities in glove design allow us to take Magnusson's original vision and expand it to better understand the needs of our customers and continue to build gloves that will protect their hands, fit comfortably, and facilitate the work that needs to be done.

Hestra is a family-owned and operated business founded and located in Hestra Sweden. Our grandfather's vision is in every glove we've made for the past 79 years, today, and for years to come.

Family Portrait